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No Gay in the Life of Pavel Datsyukian

Once in a long while comes a hockey player whose skill and grace touch a level of distinction that reaches for lore. It is as if he was born on the bench, his father, once more unto the breach with that first pair of skates. But innate ability is only part of the story and […]

An Untimely End

The biggest bang began the race Of still-expanding time and space Which entropy may bring an end The sun long ceased to be a friend. Unique that time is tolled by man With clocks and dates and slipping sand Grown less distinct the now and past And what remains comes on so fast. Of eons […]

Me and Mr. Jones

The damn bleakest night you’d ‘ere want to see The wet, scurvy wind blew in off the sea From far fathoms down, a man creature marched Full-covered in slime from kepi to arch.   He clumped past the bait house, up past the pub One leg near normal, the other more club Too tame a […]


In summer deep in old Madrid The city stoked in August heat The fortuned folk, their farewell’s bid, Escape to wild or cool retreat. Now walking slow in saving shade With countless stops along the way The biding time ‘til daylight’s fade And gay Madrid comes out to play. Past where sublime Cervantes wrote On […]

To Give the Roar

The heroine, close to death Sleeps, the sane world holds its breath Realm of all historic pain Deeper grows if she is slain Or deprived of voice and pen Stilled by cowards posed as men On the crescent moon she rose Dawn for those in forced repose Their choices have been long denied As little […]

That’s the Spirit

Am I spiritual you ask Now here I must take you to task What mean you for heaven’s sake I know of head and belly ache Do you infer belief in God? A proposition I find odd On bended knee in fervent prayer In hope that this time God might care And with averted eyes […]

The Common

  From high upon an armoured hill I gazed upon a busy field Where rank and title mattered nil In widespread use, the common weal.   At sport or play or solo run Redoubt where gold held meagre weight And stories true and not were spun A passing stay from weary fate.   As much […]

On Poverty

I was wandering aimless in the crowd recently when I saw a truck with a loud ad for a just released KFC product. The ad was in Spanish. Beneath the enticing burger were the words that translated as, ‘To eat well is a blessing.’ Leaving aside whether any burger is eating well, the ad struck […]

The Dying of Light

Through the late Ptolemaic clock From Athens sailed aft long discourse Arrived Hypatia at the dock Drawn to the light-house beaming source.   Now gathered those who came to hear From cities grand of fame and might The thoughts that held her in revere That cleared a way to bold and bright.   From learning […]