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Is My Team Playing?

(Apologies to A.E. Housman)   Is my team playing That I once used to coach?                      I stood proud upon the bench My word beyond reproach.   Yes, the players dangle, The new coach whistles well. No change though you are behind The bars that form […]

Was Jesus Gay?

Legend has it that somewhere between 10 BCE and the year 0 CE, a child was born to a girl named Mary, the young wife of Joseph, a carpenter from Nazareth. Joseph, however, was not the sire of the boy whom the world would come to know as Jesus Christ. Paternity belonged to God, the […]

The God Couple

In putting on his recent God and pony-up show in the Washington Mall, Glenn Beck chose his venue wisely. Anything smaller and there might not have been enough room to hold all the stupidity.   As gathering and lathering goes, this one might have appeared innocuous. God-fearing and patriotic scoundrel Glen Beck, the obsequious host […]

The Missing Throne

‘What visceral growl makes din this late hour? T’is not merely the storm, though it brews worse. Is this Cordell, first-born, flexing power? Ingratitude! Thou most vile fiend be cursed. Eager to usurp what’s near enough yours. Impatient youth, can you not wait to rule? This gale’s howls drowned by loud pounds at our door, […]

Reaching for You

Walk with me my love, take my hand in yours Seek great places that long enchanted us By unknown or forgotten force made clear To those who care to see, who want to see While time slows and frets and gives us our look.   Run with me my love, take my arm in yours […]


Twixt what we want and what we get Are schemes which leave us deep in debt And dreams we lose to compromise Convenient sales and lousy buys.   Twixt what we were and what we are Omitting tides and yonder stars  How lost we seem along the way Our spirits chained to feet of clay. […]

The American Moses

Is that you again Bill Bennett Born under your own star, The national moral compass And self-styled virtue tsar?   Does the past still make your cases? And all things cawed by Cato? Denouncing Greeks and all their ilk ‘Cept that is for Plato.   Yes, Cato too despised them Greeks Save for his son’s […]

Canada in 2010

A lot grown too content and wayward blind Saw not the peril or chose to ignore The past – filled smartly by a fervent kind Marching in long contempt to what had before  Been refuge for bold foresight and free mind In loud deceit claimed order to restore And stained reason as uncommon and weak […]

Ahead to the Past

Balancing like a great, searing, orange orb The afternoon sun teetered on the mount Soon long shadows would envelop the earth Creatures afraid of the glare would emerge Roused from their homes by a blanket of dark Hunters and hunted in the same bleak space  I had driven miles in a barren land Yet the […]

A Great Remorse

Two score and more around the sun Winged chariots I’ll not outrun My hubris wanes along with hope Save slightest chance that helps to cope.   I could have been more happy here Had many friends not disappeared I know too well the fault’s my own That I can´t choose to be alone.   I […]