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The Death of the Salesmen

It’s over then. As empires go this one didn’t last long. The ending came not in one defining moment, perhaps it hasn’t even dawned on many, but it’s finished; done-in not by Al Qaeda or totalitarianism or other external threats but by its stupidity and avarice. While it had scouts on the lookout for any […]

Of Flogging and Blogging

From the 14th through the 16th centuries, the City of Florence Italy was the epicenter of what became known as the Italian Renaissance. It was a time of reaching back to banished thinking, of great works of art and architecture, when the talent of Michelangelo was first beheld, when the genius of Leonardo DaVinci was […]

As the World Burns

“If it were done when ’tis done, then ’twere well it were done quickly.” “What must be done ultimately should be done immediately.” Thus spake two of history’s most infamous murderers, Macbeth and Henry Kissinger. Macbeth was contemplating the regicide of Duncan, his Scottish king. In which of his geopolitically justified assassinations or mass killings, […]

Sex and the Pity

Not so long ago I worked for a company which had as one of its clients a large enterprise from a Middle Eastern nation. The country from whence they came is a theocracy, known for its devout adherence to sharia law. There is no law other than god’s law and all that. A major part […]

The Sun

With warm rays of gold I halt the raw cold,  And start the growth anew.   On slim shafts of yellow I seek to mellow  When skies and mood are blue.   When I am lonely with being the only Sun in miles of sight.   I talk with my flower, save in a shower, […]

Michael Jackson

I happened to be traveling in non-English speaking countries when the news of Michael Jackson’s death hit the communication grid. It struck me seeing the reaction of people abroad how rare were the gifts of Michael Jackson. I thought as well how easily he compares to the historical geniuses that we have been fortunate to […]

What Came Before

Why is it you dismiss the past And works which will forever last? The present stems from what we’ve gained What’s new has often been explained.   To glow with thoughts of what’s to be And unlock all those doors you see Where future scenes play in your mind A Goya for a modern time. […]

Fighting Theocracy

As the streets of Tehran fill with demonstrators and blood, there is the potential for historical change, not only within Iran but the region. The current protest goes beyond the fairness or lack thereof in the recent sham elections where all of the candidates had to be approved by the ruling Guardian Council. At that, […]


I understand the need for a certain amount of whispering. It is stock in trade if you’re an international secret agent. You never know who is behind today’s copy of the local newspaper. For those who insist that the print version of the newspaper is destined for obsolescence, my rejoinder is that there are too […]

The Addiction Vertical

If on the news tomorrow it was announced that scientists had come up with a pill to cure drug and alcohol addiction, the world would be both stunned and ecstatic. The cost of reliance on drugs in human and economic terms is staggering. The possibility to reverse centuries of suffering and death by taking a […]